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Hymns To God™

My Saviour

Lyrics: Kurzenknabe, John H.
Music: Doane, W. H.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

My Saviour

by John H. Kurzenknabe

My Saviour dear Saviour! No tongue could repeat
A name half so dear to me; — tender and sweet;
More precious than manna from heaven above;
The fairest 'mong thousands, the one that I love.

My Saviour, dear Saviour! Who else could it be?
He gently and lovingly whispers to me,
"I brought thee a pardon — forgiveness of sin, —
And leave thee for comfort the Spirit within."

My Saviour, dear Saviour! What love Thou didst show,
To pay with Thy agony all that I owe!
Without any merit, with naught for my plea.
But only Thy mercy so boundless and free.

My Saviour. dear Saviour! How precious Thou art!
Thy love has so wondrously entered my heart!
How blest the assurance, to know I am Thine
For ever and ever, dear Saviour divine!


How wondrous Thy love for me!
Precious love that made me free.
Thine evermore to be,
Dear Saviour divine!