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Hymns To God™

My Saviour Hath Loved Me

Lyrics: Turner, R. N.
Music: Kurzenknabe, John H.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

My Saviour Hath Loved Me

by Mrs. R. N. Turner

My Saviour hath loved me, my Savour divine;
He gave His dear life as a ransom for mine:
A sacrfice holy, He died for my sin,
That life everlasting for me He might win.

And what shall I bring Him, as highest reward?
What gift can I offer, that's meet for my Lord?
He asks for my service to do His sweet will,
And love that is willing His plans to fulfill.

0, freely I give them, my Saviour so dear,
My heart, and my hand, and my service, are here:
The life Thou hast saved, and the love Thou hast given,
Shall serve Thee on earth, and shall praise Thee in Heaven.


His love, through all ages, Eternal and strong,
Shall he my delight, my glory and song;
His love, everlasting, eternal and strong;
Shall be my glory, my glory and song.