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Hymns To God™

My Greatest Desires

Lyrics: Zelly, Henry J.
Music: McPhail, M. L.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

My Greatest Desires

by Henry J. Zelly

I want to know Jesus, my Savior so dear,
Far better than loved ones below;
His heart I would find very gracious and kind,
His fullness of love I would know.

I want to be like him, my Savior and Lord.
So patient and tender and true;
I'd walk where he walked and I'd talk as he talked,
And gladly his will I would do.

I want to see Jesus in beauty arrayed,
The glorified Savior so fair;
In mansions of light, oh, so beauteous and bright,
I want in his glory to share.


The greatest desires of my life are these,
That I may know Jesus divine,
And like him to be his glory to see,
And in that bright image to shine.