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Hymns To God™

Looking To Thee

Lyrics: Rowe, James
Music: Eagle, H. M.
PDF Music Score: 6x9 Letter
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Looking To thee

by James Rowe

Looking to Thee from day to day,
Trusting Thy grace along the way,
Knowing that Thou wilt safely keep all that is Thine;
Sure of Thy soul redeeming love,
Sure of a crown of life above,
Singing Thy praise I press along,
Savior divine.

Looking to Thee for all I need,
Finding in Thee a Friend indeed,
All of the burdens of the day meekly I bear;
Neither the foe nor storm I fear,
Savior divine, for Thou art near,
Ready my cares and troubles all freely to share.

After a while in heaven bright,
Where there is neither sin nor night,
I shall behold Thee, face to face, Jesus my own;
Then with the dear ones gone before,
I shall with rapture, more and more,
Praise Thee forever, near the bright, beautiful throne.


Looking to Thee,
Trusting thy grace,
I am as happy as a true soldier can be;
Nearing my own
Heavenly place,
Trusting Thy love I press along looking to Thee.