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Hymns To God™

Living For Christ

Lyrics: Loomis, William H.
Music: Pollock, Charles E.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Living For Christ

by William H. Loomis

In this life of pitfalls and dangers
We should be tender and true;
Ever trying to let our light shine,
And be Christians through and through.

A kind word lovingly spoken
May cheer a faint heart by the way;
Let us not be one day Christians,
But be Christ like every day.

There are words that should be unspoken,
And deeds that were best undone.
If we should be like the Saviour
And a crown with stars be won.


We should go where our Master call us,
And do what hwe'd have us do;
Trusting for strength in him always,
And the grace that will carry us through.