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Hymns To God™

Jesus Remembers You

Lyrics: Morton, Francis McKinnon
Music: Lorenz, E. S.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Jesus Remembers You

by Francis McKinnon Morton

There's never a breath of your pray'r is lost,
You have His sweet promise true;
That there in the midst of His angel host,
The Savior remembers you.

There's never a cry of your soul forgot,
How ever so faint it be;
And ne'er on this earth is so drear a spot,
But God in his love can see.

There's never a tender tho't of your mind
But comes from the Savior's love;
And never a deed that is true and kind,
But God links you to heav'n above.

There's never a path that your steps may lead,
But Jesus is waiting there,
To give you the strength that your soul shall need,
And answer your ev'ry pray'r.


Jesus remembers you!
Jesus remembers you!
Yes, there in the midst of his angel host,
The Saviour remembers you!