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Hymns To God™

I'm Thine, Forever Thine

Lyrics: William Warren Bentley
Music: William Warren Bentley
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

I'm Thine, Forever Thine

by William Warren Bentley

No more my own, Lord Jesus,
Bought with thy precious blood;
I give thee but thine own Lord,
That long thy love withstood.

I give the life thou gavest,
My present, future, past,
My joys, my fears, my sorrows,
My first hope and my last.

I give the love, the sweetest
Thy goodness grants to me;
Oh, take and make it meet, Lord,
For offering to thee.

Outside the camp to suffer,
Within the vale to meet,
And hear the softest whisper,
From out the mercy seat.


Now fashion, form and fill me
With light and love divine;
So, one with thee, Lord Jesus,
I'm thine, forever thine.