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Hymns To God™

He Redeemed Me

Lyrics: Avis, Edward C.
Music: Avis, Edward C.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

He Redeemed Me

by Edward C. Avis

Glory be to God on high,
For the gift of his own Son,
Who so freely shed his blood for you and me;
By his blood we are mide nigh,
By his blood our crown is won,
Glory, glory, for eternal life so free.

Not with silver nor with gold,
But his blood the word has told,
That redeems us, saves and cleanses for all sin;
'Tis the story new and old,
Calling lost ones to the fold
Of the Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord and King.

Oh, what wondrous, wondrous love
God the Father had for me,
Since his own beloved Son he gave to die;
He will bring me safe above,
And his glory I shall see,
And be made for ever like him by and by.


He redeemed me, he redeemed me
He redeemed me by his own precious blood;
He redeemed me, he redeemed me,
I am now a child, an heir of God