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Hymns To God™

He Leadeth My Soul

Lyrics: Psalm 23, arr. Tullar, Grant C.
Music: Tullar, Grant C.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

He Leadeth My Soul

by Psalm 23; arr. by Grant C. Tullar

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want;
In Him I now abide;
In pastures green He leadeth me,
Where quiet waters glide.

In mercy I cry, restore me again,
Give wisdom to my heart,
To choose the path of righteousness,
And from it ne'er depart.

E'en tho' I shall tread the valley of death,
I'll never shrink or fear;
Thy rod and staff shall comfort me,
Thy presence shall be near.

A table before me Thou shalt prepare,
Tho' enemies surround;
With oil shalt Thou my head anoint,
With joy shall i abound.


He leadeth my soul to the fountain of life;
Beneath it I plunge, My robes are made white;
No longer I walk the billows of strife,
He leadeth by day and by night.