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Hymns To God™

Good News

Lyrics: Edmunds, Lidie H.
Music: Kirkpatrick, William J.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Good News

by Lidie H. Edmunds - (E. E. Hewitt)

Wonderful tidings bring,
Messengers for the king,
Sounding aloud the Saviour's glory,
Bear the good news along,
Waft it in happy song,
News of salvation, precious story.
Good news from the regions eternal,
Good news from the Father above,
Good news and a message of mercy.
Redeemed thro' the Son of His love.

Hark, a glad chorus rings,
Praise to the King of kings,
Joyfully Now his work progressing;
Over the land and sea,
Tell of his grace so free,
Carry the news of endless blessing.
Oh, tell of the deep, flowing fountain,
Oh tell of the robes of white and fair;
The feast, for the sinners returning,
The home, and the glad welcome there.

Onward the tidings roll,
Onward from pole to pole,
List to the song of rapture swelling;
Rising from souls newborn,
Hailing the gospel morn,
Wonderful the joy its tones are telling.
Oh spread the good news of redemption,
Let love be our happy refrain,
The love of a crucified Saviour,
He died and is risen again.


Over the sea of time,
Cometh a song sublime,
Tenderly sweet the chime of voices;
Voices of grateful song;
Echo the news along,
Calling the earth while heav'n rejoices.