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Hymns To God™

Glory To The Bleeding Lamb

Lyrics: Breck, Carrie Ella
Music: Tullar, Grant C.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Glory To The Bleeding Lamb

by Carrie Ella Breck

Come sing again the song of love,
The love of God to man;
The love that wrought in heav'n above
The great redemption plan.

Come sing of Jesus, wounded, slain,
For sinners lost like me;
He came in love to break my chains,
And set the captive free.

Oh worthy, worthy is the Lamb,
All glory to receive;
Dear Savior, take me as I am,
And help me now believe.

O Lord, who hast my sins forgiv'n,
My joy, my song, art Thou;
I'll sing no other song in heav'n,
I'll sing no other now.

Dear Bleeding Lamb of God, who came,
For sacrifice divine;
Wilt Thou, who bore my guilt and shame,
Now make me wholly Thine.


Oh, Glory to the Bleeding Lamb,
For me He bled and died;
I plunge beneath the cleansing blood,
The fountain deep and wide.