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Hymns To God™

Be Ye Doers Of The Word

Lyrics: Seibert, Gertrude
Music: McPhail, M. L.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Be Ye Doers Of The Word

by Gertrude Seibert

'Tis not the hearer of the Word,
But he that doeth, who is blest,
Not he that knoweth all the law,
But he that heeds the law's behest.

For he that hears and doeth not,
Is like a man who builds on sand,
When storms and tempest fierce arise,
The house, thus built, will never stand.

Lord we would build with patient zeal
A house of faith upon the rock,
So safe, so strong, it shall withstand
The strain of storm and tempest shock.


Dear Lord, then help us do Thy will,
That we may be forever blest;
And when we reach our journey's end,
May enter into heav'nly rest.