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Hymns To God™

Be Thou Faithful Unto Death

Lyrics: Anonymous
Music: Melott, Mary L.
Music Score: PDF
Projection Score:
Sound File: Midi
MUP File: Hymn Page
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Be Thou Faithful Unto Death


Christian worker, be thou faithful
Till life's toil and care be o'er;
See, a crown is waiting for thee,
Over on the other shore;
When at last thy journey ended,
Thou shalt with the angels join,
And a crown of fadeless glory,
Then, Oh christian, shall be thine!

It is Christ himself has promised,
And his word is ever sure.
To reward the faithful servant,
Who shall to the end endure,
That a crown of life awaits them,
Who are faithful to the end,
In a home at last in heaven,
With the dying Christian's friend.

Oh, then go to work for Jesus,
Gird thy self with strength anew;
There is room among the reapers.
Go be faithful and be true;
There to gather with the gleaners,
Sheaves of bright and ripend grain;
Help to fill the Master's garner,
None shall labor e'er in vain.

Though thy days of life be many,
Only those who will endure,
In the glorious here after,
Shall the crown of life secure.
Then toil on and work for Jesus,
Work and labor for the Lord,
Till the Master of the vineyard,
Calls thee to thy great reward.


Then be faithful, ever faithful,
Faithful to thy latest breath,
For a fadeless crown awaits them,
Who prove faithful unto death.