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Hymns To God™

Are You Laying Up Your Treasure?

Lyrics: Johnston, Julia
Music: Towner, Daniel B.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Are You Laying Up Your Treasure?

by Julia Johnston

Are you laying up your treasure,
Where no moth nor rust can ever spoil?
What shall be the final measure,
What shall be the gain of earthly toil?

Here on earth are scattered jewels,
Jewels that may shine forevermore;
In the Saviour's crown of glory,
Will you gather these for yon bright shore?

Precious souls may be your treasure,
Gifts of love and deeds of mercy shown,
These may go before to meet you,
When the Lord of life calls going by.

With your treasure will your heart be,
Are your precious stores laid up on high?
Then your life is richer growing,
While the hast'ning days are going by.


Laying up your treasure,
Heaping up the measure
In the safe and secret place above.
Gladly, gladly shall we find it,
In the realms of light and joy and love.