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Hymns To God™

All Glory To Thee

Lyrics: Turner, R. N.
Music: Kurzenknabe, John H.
Music Score: PDF
Projection Score:
Sound File: Midi
MUP File: Hymn Page
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

All Glory To thee

by R. N. Turner

All glory attend Thee,
Supreme in Thy wisdom,
Eternal in might,
We bow in Thy presence,
O Infinite Light.

O joy beyond measure,
O sweetest and best;
Through patient endurance,
We'll taste of Thy rest.

Immortal Thou livest,
we live at Thy side;
Through ages unending,
With Thee we abide.


All glory and honor,
All blessings and praise;
To crown Thee forever,
Our voices we raise:
All glory attend Thee,
all praises be Thine;
Thou Prince of the people,
Incarnate Divine.