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Archibald Kenyon

1813 - 1890

Archibald Kenyon was born in Athol, Warren County, N. Y., July 31, 1813. His early school advantages were very limited, and he was compelled to make up the lack by personal efforts. In November, 1831, he became interested in the subject of religion, and July 8, 1832, he was baptized, and united with the Wait's Corner, or White Creek Baptist church. In the winter of 1833, he removed his membership to the Hague Baptist church, by which he was licensed to preach March 18. At this time he received much encouragement and advice from Nathaniel Colver. For a while he studied at Woodworth Academy, Sandy Hill, and then at the Academy at East Bennington. April 15, 1835, he was ordained at Adamsville, N. Y., where he was preaching half of the time, alternating with Lakeville. Subsequently he was pastor at South Salem. The year 1838, he spent in evangelistic work in Vermont and elsewhere. He then accepted a call to the pastorate of the West Baptist church in Providence, R. I. In 1843, he removed to Vernon, Oneida County, N. Y. After a year he went to Clinton, near Utica, where he remained three years and a half. At Cleveland, Ohio, he organized an anti-slavery Baptist church. Five years he spent in preaching on the Reserve. He became connected with the Free Mission movement, and edited the Free Mission Visitor. In 1852, he accepted a call to the pastorate of the Tabernacle Baptist church, Chicago. In 1857, he organized and became pastor of the Berean Baptist church. From Chicago he removed to Iowa City, Iowa. Subsequently returning to Illinois, he had pastorates at New Rutland, Union, Wis., Peoria, Chatsworth, East Lynn and Hooperton, IL., and Thompsonville, Wis.

Mr. Kenyon is the author of a large number of hymns, some of which have been set to music by Robert Lowry, D. D., and are found in the "Royal Diadem," "Pure Gold," "River of Life," "Songs of Love," "Our Glad Hosanna," "Glad Refrain," etc. He has also written many Christian ballads and temperance songs. The following hymn by Mr. Kenyon is from "Our Glad Hosanna":

Jesus, hear me when I pray,
Keep and help me all the day;
Save from fear and care and sin,
Make me pure and strong within.

Weak I am, and weak must be,
Lost unless I 'm saved by thee;
Jesus, now thy grace impart,
Keep my trembling, wandering heart.

Power and grace are thine, I know,
Richest love thou canst bestow;
Save my soul from Satan's wiles.
Cheer my pathway with thy smiles.

Only now a pilgrim, I
Look for mansions in the sky.
There to dwell with angels bright,
Clothed in robes of heavenly light.

One of Mr. Kenyon's latest compositions is a missionary hymn,

Hark! the cry is wafted onward.
Borne by every breeze and wave.

Source: Baptist Hymn Writers And Their Hymns
by Henry S Burrage D. D. 1888