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Hymns To God™

In Praise Of His Glory

Lyrics: Mattheis, John
Music: Mattheis, John
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In Praise Of His Glory

by John Mattheis

Majesty seen: transfigured in light,
Grace intervened: to give us true sight;
Radiance of: God's glory out poured,
Gift from above: Christ Jesus our Lord.
Universe vast: foundations He laid,
Life now and past: through Christ, all things made;
Willing He came: Gods favor restored,
Reverence His Name: Christ Jesus our Lord.

Humility: for mortals He died,
Grand victory: He rose to God's side;
Sing of God's love: and Heavens reward,
Witness the love: of Jesus our Lord.
Heaven and earth: authority spans,
Graced by new birth: secure in God's hands;
Christ by our sides: our Friend and our Lord,
Spirit confides as home, we walk toward.

He is our peace His friendship is real,
Inner release when humbly we kneel;
Ever the same His love is outpoured,
Honor His Name: Christ Jesus our Lord.
His holy Name: each tongue will confess,
His holy Name:bent knees will address;
In high acclaim the Father adored,
Reverence His name: Christ Jesus our Lord.

Mystery ends: Archangel's voice sounds!
God's Son descends! Last trumpet resounds!
Words that foresee and comfort afford:
Ever we'll be with Jesus our Lord.
Father be praised who gave us His Son!
Savior be praised: salvation was won!
Spirit be praised: revealing work done!
Voices be raised: to God In Three: One!

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